PEACE CREATION : Women rise (Proverb 31),

Published On 20.Jul.2018

To strengthen the acquired unity and reconciliation, Shalom takes the leaders into training in Biblical community development to enable them to understand the principles, dynamics and processes of development. The trainees are encouraged to work with the same peace groups to contribute money and form a capital that they can use to start small businesses or other initiatives to reduce poverty among themselves. Shalom contributes to those efforts by matching the amount given and train the groups in different skills: marketable skills, business skills, conflict management, micro-enterprise with focus on youth, women and leaders.

Shalom offer different focused training for those who want to get involved in solving community issues in the area of poverty, education, governance, health and environment


Training of Facilitators

Visit of Peace Makers at a genocide against Tutsi memerial site

Healing the wounds of ethnic conflict workshop (HWEC)

programs in peace creation

shalom peace cup tournment 2017

shalom clubs in secondary schools

Education on Peace in Secondary Schools

Education on Peace in Secondary Schools

Shalom Football tournement

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Community campaign

A demonstration center and training center

Women rise (Proverb 31),

Mission tripis, Internership and fiels visit

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people from the community are trained on farming on a small plot

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training teachers and students

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women Self Help Groups

Women Self help groups

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training on servant leadership

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kitchen gardens

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