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this is all the information you might want to know about shalom community center


Shalom Community organisation (SHACO) is registered as a non profit, local NGO. Though the organsation is new, the staff are exeperienced community workers, who have served for many years in the Rubavu commmunity. Jean Paul MUKUNZI who is the leader has successfully help in the formation of many groups that came up with transformational initatives. He has established very productive partneships with churches and local government. Eliane who is on the team is already called Mama Rubavu due to her hard work in solving problems of all kind


to create a transformed community through forming reconciled groups that work together to creatively design and implement initiatives to meet their basic needs related to pevorty, health, education, governance and environment


Our passion is to see Rubavu becoming a model to Rwanda and other nations of a holistically transformed community that enjoys God's shalom in its fullness (John 10:10)


these are tools that we work on in shalom community center

HWEC (Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict by Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd)

: The tool is a 3 Days workshop containing teachings on human relationship and how to help people who have experienced trauma and wounds through social conflict and genocide to find healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. Some additional teachings are on justice, peace building and conflict transformation help create processes that facilitate community cohesion.

LD (Leadership Development by Erik Spruyt):

This module is a very practical set of teachings on Biblical understanding and practice of leadership, the heart of a leader (character), skills and team dynamics

Community campaigns and events

After individual leaders or institution (church, schools, hospital, local government) have embraced responsibility for the community, they are allowed to dream and design a community response program around a particular theme. The police helps in fighting drugs and deal with gender based violence, the Health center helps with HIV and health

Demonstration and training:

Shalom has been given a plot by the government near the sector office for all to see the kitchen garden our staff developed, the seedbeds with different trees. The place serves as a training centre for schools, cooperatives, churches that are interested in other field agents to access information, or to work alongside the team members or grassroots partners and learn from field experience. Small groups from churches in Rwanda and region can also work in the community and benefit from the exchange. Western mission trips can help in the capacity building of Shalom team, they increase the organization cross cultural competence and exposure, thus recruiting champions who can help in resource mobilization.

Other training and resources:

Library and computer, images, consulting, conference,


these are services that we offer in shalom community center

healing and reconciliation workshops (HWEC)

Shalom team conduct healing and reconciliation workshops (HWEC) with leaders to help them to deal with the wounds of the genocide and train some of them to become agents of reconciliation in churches, government and other institutions

form teams, clubs and associations

Shalom encourages facilitators to form teams, clubs and associations that spread the message of reconciliation and peace through different mediums.

training in Biblical community development

Shalom takes the leaders into training in Biblical community development to enable them to understand the principles, dynamics and processes of development. The trainees are encouraged to work with the same peace groups to contribute money and form a capital that they can use to start small businesses or other initiatives to reduce poverty among them.

marketable skills, business skills, conflict management, micro-enterprise with focus on youth, women and leaders.

Shalom contributes to those efforts by matching the amount given and train the groups in different skills: marketable skills, business skills, conflict management, micro-enterprise with focus on youth, women and leaders.

different focused training

Shalom Team offer different focused training for those who want to get involved in solving community issues in the area of poverty, education, governance, health and environment

training and logistical support

Shalom accompany those transformation initiatives with training and logistical support and sometimes run community campaigns with the churches and community to address pertinent needs.

train leaders in Biblical servant leadership and team dynamics

For lasting peace Shalom train leaders in Biblical servant leadership and team dynamics to better serve the people and work together in harmony.

demonstration center and training center

For the purpose of benefiting others with lessons learnt, Shalom develops a demonstration center and training center with all the products and processes that can inspire the community and people who conduct research, study tours or simply need training.

encourage internship, field visit, research and mission trips

In order to enhance the capacity of teams, to boost the churches and community initiatives, and to provide learning opportunities Shalom encourage internship, field visit, research and mission trips for small groups from within Rwanda and from outside

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